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The Customer

The client offers a game-changing planning platform helping global companies across industries transform their supply chain, commercial, finance, and sustainability decision-making for digital age volatility and complexity.

The Question

The client specializes in process optimisation and was looking for a way to communicate the effect of their work in a creative way. To achieve this, VR Owl was asked to develop a VR game. The goal is to inform customers and attract attention at, for example, a trade fair.

The solution

VR Owl developed a competitive virtual reality game in which bystanders can view the action via a screen which the game is cast to. The player must smash as many boxes as quickly as possible using the controllers. The player receives points for each box he smashes. As time passes, the difficulty increases and more and more objects are thrown at the player.

The end game

Towards the end of the game, a special box appears. As soon as the player hits it, the game literally becomes streamlined. The boxes come at the player in a straight line, making the process a lot easier and smoother, which communicates the result of a collaboration with the client. Before and afterwards, the score is shown to motivate the player to get the highest score.


The VR game ensures that the client can communicate the effect of their expertise to clients in an innovative way. Moreover, the game ensures that the company receives extra attention at events and trade shows. The addition of a possible prize ensures increased brand interaction. The competitive element contributes to interaction between the attendees. 

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