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The client

Siemens AG is a German multinational conglomerate and the largest industrial manufacturing company in Europe.The company regularly invites their top management to  Munich but due to Covid this wasn’t possible.

This year visitors could finally come and company wanted to show off that they haven’t been standing still and have an exciting vision for the future

The question

The company wanted to create a unique introduction of their event with 560 attendees with a virtual reality experience.  Showcasing their vision of the future and establishing Siemens as a high tech, cutting edge company for the future. 

The solution

A seamless, one shot experience in which you travel back and forth between the physical and digital world where Siemens operates.  Taking the user to different locations and showing the use cases of Siemens technology in for example smart cities and predictive maintenance.

The intro

The experience starts with a countdown in the physical arena as well as the virtual environment. The user is then taken to the German city of Munich for an amazing overview. The viewer glides towards the Siemens office and is then transported to the city streets.


The city

Ride across the roads of a futuristic city and look around to Siemens technology being used everywhere. We created three different visual styles of the city to match the multinational team of Siemens. You’re taken from a fairly European city to and Middle Eastern to end in a city with a distinctive Asian vibe.

Smart infrastructure

After a trip through the city you’re taken to a huge solar panel field emphasising the steps Siemens is taking to accelerate the energy transition. Using technology such as edge computing to benefit everyone on our planet.


Take a ride on the train of tomorrow. Starting at a virtual version of the Munich train station  the voice over explains how technology is used to make public transport safer and more efficient.  Using sensors and data analytics trains become intelligent and predict when it needs maintenance. 

The factory

Combining hardware and software with the industrial Metaverse Siemens is able to visualise data on digital twins. This is shown in a virtual factory where real 360 video is combined with 3D and animation

The Event

Together with our German Partner Kabetec and our sister company VR Expert we showed the content to over 500 attendees. Using our own VR Sync software the experience was shown to all attendees at once.

The result

A successful experience for the top management showcasing how Siemens is planning to impact our future using smart technology. A great kick-off for the new CEO and memorable start of the Siemens reunion.

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