Sealtec – Swimming Pool Configuration

Industry: Swimming pools
Technology: Augmented Reality
Use: Visualisation

Link: Andoid


Sealtec specializes in waterproofing swimming pools, swimming ponds, buffer basins and irrigation basins.They have 15 years of experience in sustainable waterproofing products.

Waterproofing products can be ordered in many colors, but due to the addition of water in a swimming pool, the color can often look different than expected. Sealtec was looking for a solution for this.


An AR application has been developed to give an impression of what the swimming pool looks like. This allows an environment to be scanned after which a virtual swimming pool is placed. The swimming pool is scalable and several colors can be chosen.

As a result, the user is no longer surprised by the change in the color of the waterproofing after water has filled the swimming pool. It is also possible to view swimming ponds and water filters in the application.

The application also has an option where a message can be sent to Sealtec after placing the virtual pond, so that they immediately receive all the specifications of the swimming pool.


The application makes it easier for the consumer to choose in which color they want the pool, and whether the pool fits the location. As a result, the consumer is not surprised by the final result. The option to quickly send the specifications of the pool simplifies the purchase process. Download the App for Android of iOS.


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