Industry: Offshore
Technology: Virtual Reality
Use: Training

The client

Safeway is a company that makes up part of the Marine and Offshore division within the Van Aalst Group. Safeway designs and engineers offshore gangway bridge systems. Their gangway system is used to transport operators and resources from a ship to an offshore location like an oil rig.

The question

Operating the Gangway requires a specific skill set and extensive training which often has to be done out of sea. Requiring a lot of staff and  time and resulting in high costs.  Safeway came to us looking for a training tool in which controlling a gangway could be simulated, without actually having to go out to sea. 

The concept

A VR-training in which operators can control a Safeway gangway as if they were on the ship itself. In the simulation, they have a view of a virtual cabin and have full control over the gangway systems through two joysticks. 

The execution

Creating the environment

To create a realistic experience we used the actual 3D models of the Safeway and the cockpit. Optimizing it for VR and using all the real interfaces and buttons used in the Safeway.  We included the sounds the machine makes and even added a radio to make the experience als life-like as possible. 

Developing the training

Various emergency scenarios can be simulated in the simulation, for example a power failure or a fire outbreak. With the help of these scenarios, employees can control the operating system and deal with almost any emergency situation. In the simulations it is also possible to safely transport people and containers to a wind turbine or an oil platform.

The delivery

A virtual reality simulation that only requires a laptop, a VR headset and two joysticks. This means the simulation is not location-specific and can be used anywhere, anytime.  We created an easy to operate and manage installation allowing for full control by the trainers.

The Result

Safeway plans to train over 50 new employees and offer refreshment courses for even more. Using the VR Simulator this can be done anywhere, anytime.  Without the need of a trainer or other employee present. Resulting in reduced (travel)costs and better trained staff with a smaller ecological footprint. Saving Safeway tens of thousand euros every year.


Ready to create impact?

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