Royal Dutch Mint - Herman Brood 75

The Royal Dutch Mint

Since 1567, the Royal Dutch Mint (KNM) has been the producer of Dutch coinage. It is an innovative, international company in value products, rooted in more than 450 years of tradition. The company annually mintes issues in memory of famous deceased Dutch people


Commemoration of Herman Brood

This year the KNM is issuing three issues in honour of one of Holland’s most famous artists: Herman Brood, who would have turned 75 this year. His wish was that every house in the Netherlands would have a Herman Brood hanging in it. The KNM asked VR Owl to help them realise this wish.

The 7 ink drawings

In collaboration with the Royal Dutch Mint, Herman Brood’s widow Xandra selected seven pen drawings.

The VR Owl team edited these drawings with special software to bring them to life. This makes it seem as if the drawings are being sketched in the augmented reality (AR) environment.

The Beat Goes 3D

In addition, the painting ‘The Beat Goes On’ is divided into layers, creating a 3D effect in the experience when the painting is rotated. This gives a unique dimension to one of Herman’s most famous works.

A Brood for everyone

The experience is accessible to everyone thanks to the use of WebAR. This allows digital objects to be placed in the physical environment through the camera of, for example, a smartphone. Downloading an app is not necessary, everyone can experience the AR experience via www.brood75nl.


A wish fulfilled

Thanks to the experience, Herman’s wish will come true and everyone will be able to admire a Brood in their living room. In addition, the memory of one of the Netherlands’ most unique artists is kept alive.

Moreover, the experience ensures that interest in the issue is raised in an innovative way, even among a target group that might not hear about it so quickly.

Ready to create impact?

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