Rijkswaterstaat – Northsea Data Experience

Industry: Government
Technology: Virtual Reality
Use: Visualisation


Rijkswaterstaat is the executive agency of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management in the Netherlands. They have an enormous amount of data from the North Sea such as shipping routes, shipwreck and the ecosystem of the North Sea including the life above and below water. This data is contained in various systems and is often designed in a static, non-interactive format.

RWS was looking for a way to visualize this data to provide a better picture of what the North Sea looks like, to show what is happening above and below water, and what kind of data is available.


Bring the data to life through a virtual reality experience. You can choose to view the experience from the POV of a porpoise or a seagull. It is also possible to choose the location where you want to explore the North Sea.

The POV of the seagull shows the North Sea from above, with information about pipelines, waterways and offshore installations. The porpoise’s view is underwater, where you can find information about the depth, the fish and other forms of life at the bottom of the sea.


This way of data visualization gives you a unique view at what is possible with data and how this can be visualized. The experience is educational, interesting, easy to use and can be experienced anywhere thanks to the use of the Oculus Quest. Rijkswaterstaat sees this form of data visualization as an excellent addition and plans to use virtual reality more often in this form.

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