Rijksmuseum - Night Watch & Gallery of Honour in 360

The client

The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam is one of the sixteen national museums in the Netherlands. The collection offers an overview of Dutch art and history including works by 17th century Dutch masters. The centrepiece of the collection is The Night Watch by Rembrandt.

The question

A restoration of The Night Watch and the temporary closure of the Rijksmuseum resulted in fewer people visiting the museum. In addition, the Rijksmuseum wanted to appeal to two target groups with a unique experience; young people and the elderly.

For the first group, the goal was to introduce them to art in a low-threshold, innovative way. For older people, the Rijksmuseum wanted to serve seniors who are no longer physically able to visit the museum.

The solution

VR Owl created two experiences with a 360 degree camera, shot at a resolution of no less than 8k. The first is an experience about The Night Watch, especially for a younger audience. The second experience is a tour of the so-called Gallery of Honour.

Dive deeper into the Night Watch

In the experience, ‘Dive deeper into the Night Watch’, tour guide Tyi from the museum takes you on a voyage of discovery. You will receive unique information about the painter, the process and the secrets of The Night Watch. The special effects, zoom-in and sound effects create a unique experience that draws you – almost literally – into the painting.

The Rijksmuseum in VR - The Gallery of Honour

In the second experience, you and tour guide Bo set off through the Rijksmuseum, in particular visiting the so-called ‘Gallery of Honour’. In this unique 12-minute guided tour, you’ll see paintings such as ‘The Milkmaid’.

You will be given unique background information about the history, images and techniques used. By working with high resolution images and special effects you get a special insight into the artworks.

The Result

A special look at one of the most famous museums in the world, accessible to everyone and at any time. In the guided tours you get unique information about the paintings, told by enthusiastic experts.

The high resolution and special effects provide a level of depth and experience that is almost as special as standing eye to eye with one of the masterpieces.

Ready to create impact?

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