Ranja | WebAR Game

Industry: Retail
Technology: WebAR
Application: Brand Marketing
Collaboration: NewsLab PR
Link: Play the game here (mobile)

Ranja WebAR 6


VR Owl, together with NewsLab, came up with an augmented reality game where you take on the role of the girl from the commercial. The player starts the experience by scanning the QR code on the packaging which leads to the website. A virtual ‘slip ‘n slide’ is placed in the living room at the touch of a button.

The player must complete this course as quickly as possible by clicking on recognizable objects from the campaign. After completing the game, the player shares their high score and challenges friends to play the game.

Ranja AR 3


Ranja is back with a new campaign; ‘Ranja. Daar word je vrolijk vanja!’, which means ‘that makes you happy right?!’, it is a brand new 360° campaign developed by Alfred International in which PR, social media, out-of-home advertising, radio and TV amplify each other. 

In addition to the campaign, Ranja was looking for a way to bring the cheerfulness from the commercial into the living room of the consumer. Ranja hired NewsLab for PR and influencer marketing. They turned to VR Owl to develop a cool WebAR experience together.

Ranja AR 2


Thanks to the campaign, consumers can easily get the pleasure of Ranja at home and share it with friends. The use of web-based augmented reality makes the use of an app unnecessary, so that the player can get started within seconds. The competitive element ensures a high share factor and broader reach.

The game has now been played almost a thousand times and received attention via MarketingTribune, Adformatie and influencers such as Lizet Greve, Kelly Caresse and Rachel Meibergen shared their experience. 

VR Owl likes to think creatively from concept to implementation. As a result, it has been an enjoyable experience. With a proactive attitude, a focus on results and being able to switch quickly within tight deadlines, VR Owl has achieved top results. We at NewsLab will certainly collaborate more often with VR Owl

Bryan van den Aakster - PR Advisor - NewsLab
Ranja AR 4
Ranja AR 5

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