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Industry: Automotive industry
Technology: 360º video
Application: Promotional

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Together with RAI Automotive Industry NL and NLinBusiness, VR Owl developed a 360º video with an overview of Dutch innovations based on three themes; zero accidents, zero congestion and zero emission. The viewer is located in a black, futuristic space where light and sound effects are played. A voice-over guides the user through the various innovations. 

During the video, the viewer is in a state-of-the-art car. From the driver’s position, the viewer experiences how different innovations have an impact on cars themselves and the infrastructure in traffic. For example, technologies for autonomous driving, adaptive cruise control, “Smart Charging” and communication between cars and traffic lights are visually highlighted.

“We have experienced the cooperation with VR Owl as very pleasant. Clear communication, project planning and agreements were kept. Deadline has therefore been amply met. We are also very satisfied with the result. Collaboration is worth repeating. ”

Nadieh van Kesteren - RAI Automotive Industry NL


RAI Automotive Industry NL supports the automotive sector by representing the sector nationally and internationally. In this field, the Netherlands is developing innovative applications in which, for example, artificial intelligence (AI) is used to predict traffic situations. 

However, the automotive innovations are relatively unknown abroad and the restrictions with regard to Covid make travel impossible. RAI Automotive Industry NL asked VR Owl to make a 360º tour to put the automotive industry in the Netherlands on the map.


The video was used during a digital trade mission and has since been shown via The Virtual Gateway to the Netherlands. The result is a non-interactive 360º video which is distinctive and fits the innovative image that the customer wants. The content can be viewed both via the web and via VR headsets, which ensures flexibility and wide deployability.

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