Police Academy | Multifunctioning Training Application

Industry: Police Academy
Technology: Virtual Reality
Application: Training

Police acedemy 2


VR Owl made a VR application in which agents can practice in a team how to safely enter a building. This serves as the basis for several possibilities. For example, in the future, students could draw up a scenario of events based on traces found.

Once the application opens, the user must choose the role of teacher or student. The users first get a short tutorial on how the controllers work. After this, the exercise begins where students enter a crime scene. Users enter the premises together while communicating verbally and through body language.

The application is a basis for the Police Academy where they can train more procedures in the future. Think of raiding, evacuating a building, de-escalation a case of domestic violence or practicing with material.


The Police academy has a great interest in training for various activities, such as entering a building. Certain procedures have been drawn up for this that agents must adhere to. This is usually practiced in groups where mutual communication between the agents is essential. VR Owl was asked to create an application in which several agents can enter a building together, where a teacher can watch in order to speed up the training process.

Police academy map


The application has several advantages. Firstly, the Police Academy now has a training environment that is closer to reality. Second, users can practice as many times as they want until they show the desired result. Lastly, the application is multifunctional and there is room for further development. Think of developing new locations, new elements such as new material or other exercises in existing locations.

Police academy 4

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