Pangea Life - 360° investment journey

The client

Pangea Life is an investment firm which invests money in an ecologically and socially sustainable manner. Their portfolio consists of wind farms, solar parks and run-of-river power plants. These are located throughout Europe, from Denmark to Portugal.

The question

Normally Pangea Life would take some of their clients to these locations to show where the investments are being made. Due to COVID the journey was not possible and VR Owl was asked to create a virtual version.

The solution

We created a 360 degree investment journey which can be taken via the website of Pangea. Together with the managing directors you’ll visit multiple locations across 5 countries;  Denmark, Norway, Portugal, Spain and Germany. 

The web experience

To provide a streamlined experience for the viewers we created a website for Pangea where users could view a 3D globe with all locations. From here it’s possible to zoom in on each country, select locations and start the 360 video’s

The production

During the shoot we worked together with local parties to utilize drones and other tools to create an exciting experience. The combined footage of fly-over shots, interviews with location managers and 2D imagery provided a complete picture of the location.

The event

During an online event the journey was taken together with stakeholders during a half an hour video which visited locations in Denmark and Portugal. After the presentations viewers could freely roam the website and check out the other locations. The virtual journey was a huge success, all cliënst appreciated the effort and unique opportunity to visit these locations from the comfort of their homes.

The result

The experience also allowed Pangea to scale up their presentation and invite people who normally could not attend. An overarching benefit was the fact that since no travel was needed, the ecological footprint of Pangea Life decreased. Perfectly in line with their company ideals.The video’s are viewed tens of thousands of times and are a great marketing tool to convince would-be investors to join the company.

Ready to create impact?

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