Otolift | Stairlift AR Visualizer

The Client

Otolift is the largest stairlift supplier in the Netherlands. They want to help as many people as possible to live longer in their familiar surroundings. Quality, sustainability and reusability are important themes.


Otolift advisers travel all over the country to give advice about stairlifts in people’s homes. The aim is to advise potential customers as accurately as possible about Otolift stairlifts. 

The company is always looking for innovations and asked us to help them take their service to the next level with a new augmented reality application.

The solution

We created an augmented reality application for the iPad Pro, which advisers use in the sales process. The application aims to simplify the sales process by measuring more quickly and giving the customer an accurate picture of the possibilities.

The application

Otolift uses the AR application to scan the surroundings and location of the staircase, shape it and take photos and videos.

Scanning and measuring

First, the adviser scans the area with a very accurate LiDAR scanner in the iPad. Then they realistically place the rails of the stairlift, by placing points on the steps. They then measure the stairs with an accuracy of one tenth of a millimetre.

Customising and capturing

The app offers the possibility to customise both the stairlift and the railing with various colours. In addition, the adviser can take measurements and take photos and videos to share with the customer. 

Visualisation and animation

Once the end of the staircase is reached, the stairlift appears and the viewer sees an animation of the stairlift in action. As an extra option, a virtual user (in this case, an elderly man) can be added, whose height is variable. 

The Result

The application provides a more efficient service because a picture of the stairlift is displayed at lightning speed. Customers get a better picture and can work with the adviser to put together a tailor-made solution. This lowers the threshold for purchase and increases Otolift’s chances of success.

Ready to create impact?

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