Offshore Client – Remote Support

Industry: Offshore
Technology: Augmented Reality
Use: Remote Support


The client is an offshore company specialized in collecting geo-data at sea for oil and gas companies.

They operate worldwide and operate more than 30 ships. Projects last for months and specialist personnel must be on board for both operation and troubleshooting.

During the several months at sea, the specialists are only needed once or twice for very specific tasks. This scenario results in wasted hours on board and a lack of resources for other operations and ships. To get around this problem, the client asked us to help with a remote expertise solution.

The first challenge was the remote locations where the customer operates, which often have limited broadband capacity. The second challenge concerned the safety protocols.

The solution must run on the customer’s own systems with strict security measures. The last challenge was more practical. Keep hands free during work while observing the safety rules of the equipment.


To address the connectivity issue, we developed Argus to automatically fall back on the available connection. With satellite internet as a last resort.

Argus also allows the user to directly manage image quality to function in low bandwidth and high latency environments.

To meet the safety standards, we have developed Argus to use on location. This means that the customer has full control over access and connections.

To work hands-free, we partnered with Remote Support Realwear and used their HMT-1. This allows hands-free operation and the device is made for industry; sturdy and reliable.


When problems arise or help is needed, engineers at the remote site can call experts and share their point of view. They can provide instructions with a clear picture of the problem.

With the help of annotation, they can place so-called markers, visualize their instructions and guide their users. Argus provides a way to take snapshots for reports and documentation. This allows the user to see previous problems.

Thanks to Argus, the costs for this aspect of the operation have been reduced by 30%. Less travel time, more efficient repair and better resource management.


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