NOS – VR from a distance with 5G

  In collaboration with Huawei & EventRent

Industry: Telecom
Technology: Virtual Reality
Use: Productmarketing


NOS is one of the biggest media companies in Portugal. The media giant is developing the new 5G network in Portugal and wants to provide the residents with a sneak preview. They offer an experience that shows the advantages of 5G while focussing on entertainment.


In collaboration with EventRent & Huawei, two experiences have been offered that demonstrate the potential of 5G in a unique way. 

First of all, our team designed a race experience with remote controlled toy cars. These are controlled from a racing seat with VR headsets. The experience shows for example how the 5G network makes remote control of rescue vehicles possible.

The speed of the 5G network also provides possibilities for remote surveillance. This was shown on one of the many beaches in Portugal. Here 360° images were streamed from a drone to VR headsets through a live connection. This allows the lifeguard to monitor a larger part of the beach and to spot people in need faster.

In addition to developing the concepts and software, our team also took care of the technical installation and support on site. Our partner EventRent supplied all necessary hardware while taking caring of the logistics and operations. 


Besides obvious applications such as faster streaming and gaming, the applications of 5G are numerous. This case showed this in a creative manner while providing attendees with a better picture of future mobile internet. Meanwhile, NOS underlined its role as an innovative telecom provider.

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