NLinBusiness | Liveable Cycling Cities

The client

NLinBusiness is an initiative of VNO-NCW and MKB-Nederland with the aim to support the international ambitions of the Dutch business community.

The Question

The Netherlands is known for an infrastructure geared towards the most popular means of transport, the bicycle. The client wanted a 360 video to show how cycling contributes to making cities livable and which techniques and innovations play a role in this.

The Solution

A four-minute video that shows you how the Netherlands has become the most enjoyable cycling country in the world. You’ll see Dutch innovations like the hanging bicycle traffic circle and experience for yourself why Dutch cities are among the most bikeable in the world.


The video takes you along various cities and locations in the Netherlands where you will have a spectacular view thanks to various drone shots above Utrecht and Eindhoven, among others. You get a top down view of how roads and cities are designed to accommodate cyclists

Trough the streets

Get on your own bike with your dog Teddy and cycle along, over and through iconic Dutch locations. Cycle along the Amsterdam canals, under the Rijksmuseum and over the largest rainbow bike path in the world to the largest underground bike shed in the world.


The 360 video is complemented by 2D animations, photos and graphics. This way it is clearly visualized why Dutch traffic circles are so safe for cyclists and later you can see a picture of how this has been implemented in an American city.


A beautiful video with images of Dutch cities with unique perspectives. Never before have you seen Netherlands cycling country from the air and the first-person perspective. The video is successfully used to encourage other countries to invest in a cycling culture.

Ready to create impact?

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