National Education Museum | Nazi Propaganda for Youth

Industry: Museums
Technology: Virtual Reality 
Application: Education


In 2020 the National Education Museum opened the exhibition ‘Nazi propaganda for youth, 1933 – 1945’. This exhibition tells the story of the manipulation of almost an entire generation of young people. For this exhibition, the National Education Museum was looking for a unique way to let visitors experience what it was like to be surrounded by Nazi propaganda. 

Stefan Vogels, educator of the National Education Museum, developed a concept to show the comprehensive nature of National Socialist propaganda from the perspective of a child. The museum was looking for a suitable partner for the realization of that concept and found one in VR Owl.





The virtual reality app consists of three parts, each of which tells its own story. The visitor gets an impression of a children’s room from the 1930s, a children’s book full of National Socialist propaganda ‘comes to life’ and an explanation is given about the consequences of the propaganda.  By making choices, visitors can obtain other information. This set-up challenges the visitor to enter into a conversation about what he has seen. 






A virtual reality application that gives an impression of the way in which Nazi propaganda played a role in the daily life of the German youth in the period 1933 – 1945. The interactive set-up ensures a high level of involvement and ensures interaction between the visitors.


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