Municipality of Rotterdam | Rotterdam 3D

Branch: Construction
Technology: Augmented reality
Application: Visualization
Links: Playstore & App store



The Municipality of Rotterdam wants to give residents more insight into the city’s many construction projects. The municipality uses several tools for this, such as a website, where you can follow the projects. 

To show residents what a location will look like in the future, the municipality wanted to use augmented reality for realistic imaging. The municipality started the prestigious Zalmhaven Project and after this success asked us to visualize the ‘Piekstraat’ in the application.


The user can view 3D models of the buildings via smartphones and tablets for both iOS and Android. By scanning the QR code at the viewing point, the device places the 3D building on the exact location of the project. 

The AR experience uses the architects’ 3D models, ensuring a true one-to-one ratio. If users are not at the construction site, they can place a scale model of the building on any surface such as a table or floor.


The application gives an extra dimension to environmental communication by visualizing construction plans on location. It generates interest in, for example, the rental or sale of the objects. In addition, the app contributes to communication with residents by giving them more insight into the building plans in the city. The Municipality of Rotterdam and other involved parties see this form of communication playing a greater role in future construction projects.


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