Municipality of Rotterdam | AR experience Zalmhaven

Branch: New construction
Technology: Augmented reality
Application: Visualization


The Zalmhaven in Rotterdam is the newest eye-catcher in the Scheepvaartkwartier. They will be the highest residential towers in the Benelux with a height of approximately 215 meters.

The Municipality of Rotterdam has set up an experiment. They wanted to use augmented reality to give a glimpse into the future and to show the grandeur of the Zalmhaven towers before they are delivered . The customer’s request was to create a convincing and true-to-life augmented reality experience.


The developed application allows the user to view the model of the towers, including the houses and offices, via smartphones and tablets (Android and iOS). There are two viewing points near the construction site. By scanning the QR code at the viewing point, the device places the building at its final location. Unfortunately the Covid-19 safety measures have prevented the QR-stickers from being distributed.

The AR experience is based on the 3D models of the architects, making it a true one to one relationship for the user. If users are not at the construction site, they can place a scale model next to them. It can be moved, rotated and enlarged / reduced.


The application provides an extra dimension to the communication environment by visualizing on-site plans. This contributes to the reputation of the project, which is good for commercial developments. Moreover, the communication can lead to more support from local residents. The Municipality of Rotterdam and other stakeholders see this form of communication playing a greater role in future construction projects.


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