Miniflat – Veranda Configuration

Industry: Construction
Technology: Virtual Reality
Use: Visualisation 


Miniflat builds porches, pergolas and terrace coverings from the design up to the finishing. During the purchase of a porch there are a number of important factors. Light and experience are the most crucial aspects for most consumers.

Miniflat was looking for a way to provide customers with insight regarding the lighting for specific models in relation to the location of the house, the season and the time of day.


We developed an interactive VR application for the HTC Vive, in which consumers can experience a virtual tour of the porches. The various elements that influence the lighting can be altered using controllers.


The application is being used during the sales process of Miniflat and offers a great value during the visualization of the products. Miniflat uses the simulation during events, this way the visitor can experience the way a porch influences the comfort of living. Furthermore, the HTC Vive is also a standard feature of the showroom.


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