Maya VR | VR App & CMS

The client

Maya VR is a young healthcare company fighting loneliness among the elderly. Using VR technology, Maya brings the opportunity to offer elderly people a day out, from the comfort of their own homes. Thus, at Maya, elderly people enjoy safaris, city trips, museum visits and hiking through the most beautiful natural areas.

The question

The company faces many requests from home and abroad and was therefore looking for a way to easily scale up. MayaVR asked VR Owl to help think about a complete virtual reality solution that is easy to use and manage remotely.

The solution

We helped with the technical realisation of the MayaHome concept. This is a VR subscription for healthcare organisations and locations where they can stream unlimited virtual tours via VR glasses. We created a virtual reality application for the PICO G2 4K and a CMS that allows the company to manage content and licences.

The VR App

The application is installed on the VR glasses via a so-called kiosk mode, allowing it to start automatically when the glasses are turned on. This allows a resident or employee of a care location to decide when and where they want to watch. Currently, the streaming service includes four categories: arts & culture, city trips, nature and active.


The CMS system includes a dashboard, licensing and content component. In the CMS, MayaVR employees can manage licences and link VR glasses to the licences. In addition, they can easily upload new 360-degree content that is automatically pushed to the glasses.

The Result

The solution helps the organisation scale up internationally with a user-friendly, complete solution that they can fully manage themselves. The use of techniques such as Kiosk Mode and selection by viewing also ensures a smooth user experience.

Ready to create impact?

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