Logistics Group International | VR Onboarding

The client

LGI was founded in 1995 from HP and has more than 5,000 employees in more than 45 locations in Europe, the United States and Russia. Logistics Group International GmbH is one of the leading contract logistics companies in Europe.

The question

LGI is growing and is taking on new employees and wants to introduce them to the company, colleagues and work as efficiently as possible. This onboarding process takes a lot of time and must be carried out for every employee. LGI wanted to make this process more efficient and effective with an innovative solution. VR Owl was approached to help LGI develop 360 degree onboarding videos.

The solution

A scalable VR solution in which various learning modules can be experienced both at home (online) and on location. You can experience the onboarding video on location with Pico VR glasses and at home via your mobile phone with a VR card. For each module, a specific subject is discussed and various learning objectives have been integrated.

The result

We made four 360 degree videos at various locations in the Netherlands. The first focuses on the organization, what it does and which values ​​are important.. The second focuses on contract logistics, the third forwarding and the last video on technical logistics.

Air, sea and land

Our team visited various locations such as the new location in Amsterdam, but also filmed air freight at Schiphol. Our team used  drones for great overview shots, shots from forklifts and in trucks which resulted in dynamic videos.

Onboarding on location and at home

VR headsets are now available at various LGI locations for the onboarding process. In addition, new employees receive a Google Cardboard so that they can get to know their new employer at home. The 360 ​​degree videos ensure a more effective and efficient but also more fun onboarding process. 

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