Just Entertainment – Language Heroes AR Filter

Industry: Entertainment 
Technology: Social AR
Application: Product promotion


Just Entertainment is an entertainment company founded in 2003. Their mission is to tell stories to entertain a wide audience through diverse platforms such as games, videos and books. This year’s program included major releases; among them, the board game “Language Heroes of the Game Forest.


During the end-of-year season, it is difficult to stand out among all the advertisements. With this AR filter we created a unique experience for young and old. By using elements from the games we created a sense of recognition and an experience that children of all ages can share.

ar filter


Language Heroes is a board game for children where they have to defeat monsters by solving grammatical puzzles and answering language questions. To promote the board game, we created an augmented reality filter for Instagram where you have to defeat the monsters as fast as possible. In the game you encounter 10 monsters that come straight from the board game. Defeat them as fast as possible by tapping on the monsters, like and share your score with your friends.

ar filter

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