JBL- WebAR Product Visualisation

  In collaboration with Dept Agency

Industry: Audiosystem
Technology: AR
Use: Visualisation


JBL has recently launched a new Soundbar serie. From now on, consumer can enjoy exquisite music and films where every war cry, every sword fight and drum roll can be heard. For the promotion of the new Soundbar serie, Dept Agency has created a campaign. It doesn’t only focus on telling consumers why the Soundbar is so good, but it focuses on showing the product. They wished to do this in AR.


The JBL Soundbars can be placed in every room using AR. It allows consumers to view all the details of the product and to see how it fits in a room. For now the experience only works with iPhone with at least iOS 12. To view the Soundbar in AR consumers go to the website of JBL in Safari. Here the 3D model of the product can be viewed. It also has the option to click on the AR modus. You simply place the Soundbar in a room by clicking on your phone. You can still  turn and move the Soundbar.

Our team has transferred the 3D models of the product to .usdz files. These files can be read by Quicklook of Apple. This is a standard function that comes with iOS 12 and higher. This makes it possible to view the product in AR when opening the website.


The experience that has been added to the website is an ideal tool for consumers to decide in advance whether they wish to buy the product or not. They can view all the details of the product and check if the product fits in their house.


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