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VR Tour 2


VR Owl came up with a VR tour with 360° images as a solution. Our team captured more than 70 photos and 15 videos with a 360° camera in one day.

The VR tour starts at the entrance of the Hembrug site where the viewer is welcomed by Nikola Eltink, the director of the Zaans Museum. She tells about the history of the Hembrug site. 

Then viewers can click on arrows to move and they can visit different locations where artists are standing to offer explanations about works of art they have made. In addition to artists, there are also directors of companies on the route to talk about their work.


The Hembrug site in Zaandam was supposed to be the location for the Innovation Expo 2021 on April 8. Due to Covid-19, the Expo could not take place on location, but it became an online event. The Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management asked VR Owl for a digital solution for the planned art walk.

VR Tour 3


These images together form the VR tour of the Innovation Expo 2021, a virtual art walk on the website of the Innovation Expo. The advantage is that the tour is now immortalized online, instead of a one-day event. Curious people can now always view the tour online or watch it back.

VR Tour 4
VR Tour 5
VR Tour 6

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