Huawei & Eventrent | 5G Football Table

The client

EventRent designs and builds impressive mobile brand experiences for organisations and companies that want to make an unforgettable impression on their target audience. With their leading Roadshow solutions, they connect brands and people in their own environment.

The question

EventRent was asked by their client Huawei to help promote the 5G network to telecom providers in a roadshow across Europe. VR Owl was asked to help create engaging VR & AR experiences for the truck participating in the roadshow. These experiences had to be interactive, fun and communicate the value of the newest mobile bandwidth solutions. 

The solution

Our team came up with multiple concepts which could be used to communicate the business value of 5G. Multiple solutions were chosen which were fully integrated into one of the EventRent trucks.

The ‘fussbal table’ communicates the value of 5G by showcasing the high bandwidth as well as the fast speed of the network in a fun and easy to comprehend matter.

Wireless, multiplayer VR

The 5G football table is a up to 4 player multiplayer VR Experience using the wireless Oculus Quest 2 headsets. The set-up features a professional ‘foosball table’ which was redesigned to and rebuilt as a completely virtual experience. 

Visual & graphics

After putting on the Quest headset, players are transported to a virtual football stadium inspired by the sunken city of Atlantis. The game environment features waterfalls, huge statues and traditional stadium elements such as a scoreboard, audience and billboards. The look and feel of the stadium changes in line with what happens on the field. Colours change, power-ups are shown and the crowd reacts to the action.

Real controls in a virtual world

The players control the virtual footballers just as they would in the original game, the controls are similar to the real-life counterpart. Players use the handles and bars to move the players across the field, shoot and defend.


Power ups

During the game, players can pick up power-ups which change the course of the game. For example, when the ‘frozen bar’ power-up is used, one bar of the players is frozen and can’t be used for a set amount of time. Another power-up increases the power of a shot while a different one slows down the movement of the opponents players.

The Result

By allowing up to four players to compete against each other wirelessly, without any latency, one of the key benefits of 5G was communicated in an easy to understand (and fun!) way.

Furthermore, the games use of physical control and virtual action combined with the multiplayer aspect makes for an memorable experience with a high share factor.

This ensured that the message came across and the reach of the experience extended way beyond the players who competed.


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