Huawei & EventRent | 5G Excavator

The client

EventRent designs and builds impressive mobile brand experiences for organisations and companies that want to make an unforgettable impression on their target audience. With their leading Roadshow solutions, they connect brands and people in their own environment.

The question

EventRent was asked by their client Huawei to help promote the 5G network to telecom providers in a roadshow across Europe. VR Owl was asked to help create engaging VR & AR experiences for the truck participating in the roadshow. 

One of the experiences had to showcase the benefits of the low latency and high speed of 5G; mainly the use of this technology is remotely controlling (heavy) equipment.

The experience

Our team used the experience from our Loxam case and settled on an excavator which can be controlled from a distance using off-the-shelf controllers. Using a big monitor and multiple cameras, players are challenged to collect as many bricks as possible within a set time. 

The game

The challenge for the player is to delve as many bricks as possible within two minutes and dump them in the container which is mounted on a scale. They control the excavator from a stand-alone unit with two controllers and a big monitor, with two video streams from the GoPros mounted on the excavator. 

The installation

The installation resembles a mining operation and features the excavator, a hole filled with Lego bricks and a container connected to a scale. The installation is plug-and-play with a hidden PC which automatically connects via 5G to the external control unit. Emphasising the added value of the new mobile network.

The excavator

The excavator used is a scale model of the Cat 3300 and is made from durable materials such as steel and aluminium, giving it a realistic appearance. The excavator receives its input from the joysticks on the external control unit via a custom Arduino set-up. 

The Result

The excavator experience shows the benefits of the 5G network in a fun and easy to understand manner. Using an interactive tutorial and a simple control scheme, players learned the basics quickly. The timer and high score system made sure everyone could try the excavator but also left room for improving on your previous result.

The competition element as well as the big screen provided a social experience. Combined with a high share factor this increased the reach of the campaign way beyond that of the Roadshow truck.

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