GP Design – Flashlight Game

Industry: Electronics
Technology: Virtual Reality
Use: Productmarketing


GP-Design is a high-end sub brand of GP Batteries, designed for the prosumer. GP Design offers a wide variety of high quality flashlights. To convince resellers to add their flashlights in their product range, GP Design wished to create a VR experience. The VR experience needed to become a tool that allows resellers to experience the flashlights, without requiring the user to get out of the house.


In the created application the user is on a virtual camping trip with a friend. Through a walkie talkie the user receives the message that a friend went night fishing, but can’t find his way back. It is the user’s goal to find his friend using the GP Design flashlight and to bring him back safe and sound.

During the scavenger hunt the user stumbles upon a couple of challenging obstacles. The user is able to complete these challenges by using different functionalities of the flashlight using the Oculus Go controller. One of the challenges makes the user search for a bush with red berries. Another challenge makes the user scare off a boar with the flashlight. By doing these challenges the user learns how the GP Design flashlight works and what it has to offer.


All functionalities of the flashlight are shown in a fun way in VR. This allows the user to learn about the flashlight and experience how it functions.

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