GIZ – Showing Fairtrade Impact

Industry: Consultancy
Technology: 360° video
Use: Corporate Storytelling


GIZ is an organisation that helps the German government with reaching their goals concerning international cooperation in sustainable development. Currently the German government and GIZ are working together on a project in Ivory Coast. During The International Green Week the German government wanted to show how fairtrade products better the livelihood around the world. We went to Ivory Coast to document this project.


To give the visitors of the The International Green Week a clear visual of the activities, there was made use of a 360-degree video. The video was played with the help of look-and-play software. As soon as the glasses are worn the video starts playing, The viewer will subsequently be taken to the plantations in Ivory Coast. In the video, which lasts about 2,5 minutes, the dramatic results of deforestation in Ivory Coast are presented. Subsequently the new method and process is shown. This illustrates how valuable an intact forest agricultural system is for both the environment and the farmers.


The stand was decorated extensively, it attracted a lot of attention in part because of the Gear VR glasses. The response to the experience was very positive.


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