Educam – Electrical Car Training

Industry: Automotive
Technology: Virtual Reality
Use: Training


Educam is a Belgian knowledge and training center for the car sector and related sectors, training people to work on cars in a safe way. The emergence of electric and hybrid cars makes working on high voltage batteries increasingly relevant for car garages.

Educam wishes to develop a VR training, so that they can train very risky situations safely. It is up to VR Owl to make a realistic VR training that can be used anywhere in the world.


The training is made for the Oculus Quest. This was chosen because there is no need for a PC or laptop to play VR content on the Oculus Quest. Furthermore, the headset is wireless and the Oculus Touch controllers are used. This makes this VR headset very comfortable and practical.


The training ensures that the students at Educam can replace a battery module from an electric battery and recognize dangerous situations in time. In the training, a procedure is followed that shows which steps to follow. If a mistake is made, it will be discussed with the group and the trainer. In addition to the full training, a demo scenario has also been built in. This will be used at fairs and events.


The VR training contains various scenarios. Each scenario follows the same procedure to successfully complete it, but comes with different risks, such as using the correct personal protective equipment. Is not this the case? Then an alarm goes off.


In total there are 6 scenarios, ranging from a colleague spilling coffee to a battery module that has been burned. The student must follow the standard procedure and call in help in high-risk situations to achieve the scenario, this may mean that another colleague must be brought in via a built-in intercom.


A virtual reality training in which scenarios can be practiced in complete safety around the assembly and disassembly of a battery module using the Oculus Quest.


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