DesignWeek@school – Sustainability for Childeren

Industry: Education
Technology: Virtual Reality


Explaining sustainability and environmental awareness is not easy, especially not to children. In the so-called ‘Design Week’ from start-up DesignWeek@school students discover the world of technology, design thinking and sustainability together. But how do you explain the concept of sustainability in a fun and easy way?


A VR game with a space theme was created. The player takes place in a spaceship and can navigate to different rooms from the cockpit. In the cockpit sustainability is generally explained. Then, the player can discover different experiences in the four rooms that are about sustainability. In the rooms a voice-over explains that you should have respect for our fellow human beings, use as few unnatural substances as possible, be careful with non-renewable resources and with nature.


Students could experience what sustainability is due to the game and which rules they should follow to make sustainable choices. The game is still used by DesignWeek@School to make more students aware of the environment.


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