Coca Cola VR Experience

Industry: Consumables
Technology: Virtual Reality
Use: Corporate Storytelling, Events

The client
The Coca-Cola Christmas trucks have become icons since they first rode in during the Winter of 1995. After their debut, Coca-Cola took advantage of the popularity and status it had received and began touring parts of the world during the holiday season. They collaborate with Event Rent, who have a fleet of 19 trucks ready to deliver the Christmas spirit.

The question

When the trucks arrive at a location, they usually pull crowds up to thousands of people. It is difficult to entertain all those people year after year, so for this year they were looking for something new. Something which could transport the attendees to the world of Coca Cola’s Christmas. 

The concept
We created a Coca-Cola Christmas VR Experience where virtual reality and physical movement come together to create the ultimate Christmas experience. Step into the sleigh on the back of one of the trucks, put on a virtual reality headset and take a journey through winter wonderland.

The execution

Creating the environment
The experience takes you on a trip through Santa’s birthplace, the North Pole. Santa’s reindeers pull you along over the northern lights, overseeing the beautiful wintery landscape. The iconic winter trucks pass below and Christmas trees light up when the sled passes by.
Getting things moving
The virtual journey is taken to the next level by using a motion platform, which moves on two axes to give the user the feeling of flight. This feeling enhanced is by a blowing air into the users faces. It is a difficult process to let every attendee experience the ride in sync.
For this, every component needs to be perfectly coordinated. The motion platform, air machine and headsets are connected to the same computer which syncs it to one channel. This is done via sending out time signals so the computer knows which component is where on the timeline and adjusting it accordingly.

The delivery

The VR Experience travelled along with the Christmas trucks, visiting ten different locations throughout Germany during a one-month period. The motion platform was placed on the back of one of the trucks. Visitors could wait in line and enter the motion platform when it was their turn. Sixteen different people were able to experience the visual journey at the same time, using Pico 4K headsets.

The Result

The VR experience pulled a massive amount of people towards the motion platform. People, young and old, waited in line to take the journey in the Christmas themed virtual winter wonderland. On every location, hundreds of people wanted to try the VR experience. The experience created loads of buzz on the internet and social media.
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