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The client

The Castle of Zuylen is a castle near the village of Oud-Zuilen, north of the city of Utrecht. It was originally built in the 13th century and has been open to the public as a museum for over 50 years.

The question

The foundation that manages the museum was looking for a way to visually bring the castle to life. VR Owl was therefore asked to help develop an AR app.

The solution

A smartphone application that allows visitors to explore the castle themselves with an interactive map and four Augmented Reality visualisations. 

Welcome in the Castle of Zuylen

The application starts with an introduction by the Lord of Zuylen. An old painting with a portrait comes to life and welcomes the visitor, giving information about the castle, its history and its inhabitants. He tells about the possibilities of the application and what the visitor can expect.

The map and markers

The interactive map of the castle contains four locations where there is something to experience. When selecting a location, a question appears and instructions follow by scanning the markers. These markers are specially made for the castle based on the history and characteristics of the castle.

The AR visualisations

A total of four locations can be visited that offer a glimpse into the past. After scanning, a 3D model appears and is shown in the same place as where the object used to be. 

For example, you can place an old bridge along the wall outside and visualise the defence wall. Inside, you can place a bed from the Middle Ages and visualise a fireplace where the family of the castle used to meet. 

The result

The application provides more interaction during the visit to the castle and brings history to life. The application is easy to use, making it accessible to young and old. Moreover, new locations and interactions can easily be added, which keeps the app interesting for returning visitors.

Ready to create impact?

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