Burgernet | 360 degree promo video

Branch: Government
Technology: 360 degree video
Platform: YouTube & cardboard VR
Application: Storytelling


In a 360 degree video the viewer experiences a theft from close by. This creates an impact with viewers and we make the effect of the Burgernet app tangible. As the video progresses, the viewer sees how the Burgernet App helps catching the thief. From passing on the report to the emergency room, sending the report to the emergency room in the Burgernet app, receiving the report, giving tips to the police and eventually the arrest. 

A professional voice-over takes the viewer into the video and explains how the app can work to the advantage of the police. Visual elements illustrate communication flows from the Burgernet App to give the viewer a clear picture of how important the use of the app can be.


Burgernet is an extension of the police in the Netherlands. Via the Burgernet app, alerts are sent from missing or wanted people to people in the area. The app uses GPS location to receive notifications about actions happening nearby, wherever you are.

This is important to help the police find those people. The more people use the app, the better. To ensure that the Burgernet app becomes even more known among the Dutch, VR Owl was asked to create a 360-degree video.


The video is used to promote the app and can be seen on YouTube. The video can best be experienced through the VR Cardboard. QR codes with the link to the 360 ​​degree video and the Burgernet app are printed on the Cardboards. As a result, the Cardboards provide an “all-in-one” package. All responsible police units and large municipalities have seen the video and can use it to promote the Burgernet app at meetings and information events.


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