Bonduelle | Inspirational 360° video

Industry: Consumables
Technology: 360° video
Application: Promotion


Bonduelle developed an inspiring category vision for fresh frozen vegetables, which was shared with retailers, including through a presentation.

They wanted to do a follow-up after the presentation to keep the vision sharp on the retailers’ minds. VR Owl was asked to help them develop an inspiring 360° video in which the highlights of the category vision were shared once again.


We developed a 360° 3D animation based on a so-called “low-poly” style in a colorful, rural setting. During this drive through the landscape, the category vision is presented with distinctive and humorous 2D and 3D visuals. A voice-over explains the vision of the company in an inspiring way.

During this 3D animation, the viewer gets to see the growth drivers of the category vision and new initiatives and opportunities are shown. The 3D journey ends in the supermarket of the future where Bonduelle’s vision of the future is brought to life.

The client

Bonduelle is the world’s largest vegetable brand and has an important mission to create a better future with vegetable food.

Bonduelle wants to achieve this by making plant-based food accessible to everyone, for every moment, in a tasty, easy and responsible way.

The company is always looking for innovative ways to accomplish this mission.


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