Bob Car Wash – High Speed Onboarding

Industry: Car Wash
Technology: 360
Use: Onboarding


Bob Car Wash is an innovative car wash company with 18 locations in the Netherlands and Curacao. The company was looking for a way to train their employees faster and more effectively through their onboarding process. The onboarding process contains four elements: The spirit of Bob car wash, Guidance and safety, Representativeness and Professionalism. To avoid distractions, five different 360° videos were made with the aim of speeding up the training period and increasing customer satisfaction.


Every 360° video discusses a different subject. The five topics are: the cash register, car wash, interior tire, car spa and vacuum cleaner square. The videos show step by step with visual examples and instructions on how to work as a new employee. The new onboarding process ensures a faster training period for new employees and ultimately increases the experience of the customer.


The 360 ° videos are shown to four employees with VR Sync as a result of which the trainer is in control. With our VR Sync box (router) the trainer creates his own network at a random location, making the VR training fast, easy and stable to use. Employees are now well informed about their duties and do their job faster and better.


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