Blygold | Coating VR Training

Industry: Industrial Maintenance 
Technology: Virtual Reality
Application: Training


VR Owl developed a VR training application for the Oculus Quest. The student learns to apply a protective layer with a special paint sprayer. This so-called “coating” is a precise process where distance, angle and timing are important for optimal results. The training application consists of three parts; the first part is a tutorial, the second part is a training mode and the final part an exam. 

In the first part of the training, the student is given an explanation on how to control the VR application. This is followed by a theoretical explanation of the coating process.

In the second step, the training mode, a hologram is  displayed showing the ideal pace, angle and distance. By following this hologram, the student can train muscle memory. The final part of the training is the exam. The student will go through the process independently. 

Afterwards a report is generated that shows the accuracy, the coverage percentage and the elapsed time. This report is  shared with Blygold along with a videorecording of the exam. Certification will be granted accordingly to the report and recording.


Blygold cleans, maintains and renovates installations for air conditioning, heating and cooling. The company has almost 100 employees in the Netherlands and works with a worldwide partner network.

Training and certifying of these partners takes a lot of (travel) time. VR Owl was therefore asked to create a VR application to speed up the certifying process.


This VR training has three important benefits for Blygold. First off, they can train their employees anywhere without using a physical location or materials. This ensures a faster and more effective training process at a lower cost. 

The second advantage is the remote certification of partners. This ensures an improved service, fewer (travel)costs and a lower environmental impact. The last advantage is that existing employees can easily practice or, if necessary, follow a refresher course.


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