Beuk Horeca – Kitchen configurator

Industry: Catering Industry
Technology: Virtual Reality
Use: Visualisation


Beuk Horeca is een total supplier for products and services for the catering industry. To give clients a better visual of the products that they sell, Beuk Horeca shows her clients pictures and 3D visualisations of the products that they sell. However they wanted to make the visualisations more expressive and vibrant for the client.


To realise this wish we came up with a VR concept together with Beuk Horeca to visualise the kitchens in VR. An app was created in Unity that is compatible with the HTC Vive. The app makes it easy to visualise images in the VR surrounding. The client can literally see what the kitchen will look like, it will become clear how the different equipment looks in certain surroundings and the client can also see how much space it will take, al these aspects will make up for a realistic visual of the kitchen. The client can also make changes to the surround during the VR experience. It’s possible to change the tilling of the walls and the floor. The client can also add objects to the surrounding like silverware, pans and foods.


The final product came to its right very well and the client was also very happy. The application is very valuable for the seller as well as the buyer. It makes the choice to purchase certain products much easier.

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