BAM – Stairway Safety Training

Industry: Construction
Technology: VR
Use: Training


BAM is a construction company active in Europe. The company develops, builds and maintains many projects in various branches. Safety at the construction site has a high priority for the construction company. BAM has a clear strategy to train construction employees to work safely at their construction sites. That is why BAM organizes periodic Safety days in which they invite people in their network. VR training is a big part of these days. Different topics are discussed (First Aid, Falling objects, Dangerous products) and this time it was all about placing ladders safely. In most instances, everyday tasks run smoothly, however when things go wrong and the construction employees miss something, the consequences can be enormous.


In January 2020, a safety day was organized at the football stadium in Leuven. Which includes the theme of placing a ladder safely. Vrowl created an interactive training for BAM for this specific theme. With VR, BAM wishes to create the impact and awareness of the dangers on the construction site.


Content VR training

The basis of any interactive 360 ° training is a realistic construction site. The training shows a 3D fabricated container in which ladders and additional materials are stored. The goal is to safely climb the ladder with the tools. When the correct order has expired and the materials have been placed correctly you can go upstairs. If this does not happen, the so-called “no go signs” appear and you cannot continue the way up the ladder. This increases awareness and prevents dangerous situations in the future.


The VR training took place in a room with 12 Oculus Quests. The purpose of the training was explained to the construction workers after which they were allowed to experience the training themselves. BAM received very positive feedback from its employees because this training is much more effective than the traditional theoretical training courses.


Ready to create impact?

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