BAM – Construction Site Safety

Industry: Construction
Technology: 360° animation
Use: Training


BAM is a construction group active in Europe. The company initiates, develops, builds and maintains projects in the areas of living, working, transport and recreation.

Safety comes first at BAM’s construction site. Construction workers often think lightly about everyday tasks, but if things go wrong the impact can be enormous. BAM wants to show the impact of such errors to their employees so they become aware of the dangers that the construction site entails.


A 360° animation of a emergency situation at a construction site is developed. On this construction site are employees who are busy securing a large object to a crane. Everything seems to go well until the object comes loose and it falls down in an uncontrolled way. Employees are buried under the rubble, which is a very unpleasant sight.

The animation clearly indicates the do’s and don’ts at a construction site, which ensures that employees handle the hazards of a construction site more carefully in the future.


The simulation was shown to employees during the Safety Days of BAM. With the VR glasses on, employees are immersed in the simulation and are immediately exposed to the dangers. The simulation was experienced as impactful, clear and effective.

They see VR as the future of training dangerous situations since it has a greater focus on reality. This increases the impact compared to traditional theoretical training from a book.


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