Albron – Kipster Story Visualised

Industry: Horeca
Technology: Augmented Reality
Use: Corporate Storytelling

Links: Android & iOS


Albron is a company that devises, builds and manages food concepts with a story for various companies and organizations. Albron goes for sustainability and has entered into a special partnership with Kipster. Through Augmented Reality, Albron wishes to bring the Kipster story to the attention of their guests.

Kipster makes the most human, animal and environmentally friendly eggs. For example, they use the remains of bakers to feed their chickens. The farm is full of initiatives like this where they contribute to the environment and want the best for their chickens.

To visualize the Kipster story for guests in a unique, special and innovative way, Albron asked VR Owl to create an Augmented Reality (AR) concept.


VR Owl has made an AR app to visualize Kipster’s story. By means of augmented reality, a chicken comes to life in a fun way. This chicken then tells the story of Kipster.

To spread the story further, cardboard plates have been made in the shape of an egg. It contains a QR code with which the app can be downloaded. The QR code is applied within various activation means.


An augmented reality application that brings the Kipster story to life in a fun way and informs and inspires guests to make a sustainable choice.

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