Virtual Gateway NL | Sustainable Greenhouses

Industry: Food
Technology: 360 video 
Application: Promotion


NLinBusiness is an initiative of VNO-NCW and MKB-Nederland aimed at supporting the Dutch business community in realising its international ambitions.

In 2021 NLinBusiness launched the Virtual Gateway; an online portal with solutions of Dutch companies for global issues.

In this part of the ongoing project, we were asked to map the expertise that the Netherlands has in the field of food production.



An inspiring and dynamic video that brings the various aspects of Dutch innovation to life. From high up in the air to between the plants and next to a robot. You get a full 360-degree perspective. 

The use of 3D animations, call-outs and a voice-over ensures that the message comes across clearly. The 360 video is shown all over the world, including the Dubai World Expo, and convinces foreign governments and companies to work with the Netherlands on green innovation.


The Netherlands has 150 years of horticultural experience in integrated food production solutions and offers a unique ecosystem. In the 360 video, you will be inspired by Dutch solutions that are expressed in an integrated approach; from production and logistics to marketing.

You take a look in a state of the art laboratory, dive into the greenhouses and fly with a drone over the so-called “Glass City”. You will see innovative solutions such as vertical farms, self-steering robots and installations that make use of artificial intelligence. These solutions ensure efficient and sustainable production that can be applied anywhere in the world.

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