Virtual Gateway - Green Energy

Company: NLinBusiness
Industry: Energy
Technology: 360 video / 3D animation / VR Event

The client

NLinBusiness is an initiative of VNO-NCW and MKB-Nederland aimed at supporting the international ambitions of the Dutch business community.

In 2021 NLinBusiness launched the virtual gateway; an online portal with solutions of Dutch companies for global issues.


In 2020 NLinBusiness launched the Virtual Gateway a Virtual Reality showcase of Dutch solutions to global challenges.

To better position the Netherlands in Germany in the field of green hydrogen, we were asked to develop a 360 video and present it during a symposium with various German and Dutch dignitaries, including the King and Queen of The Netherlands.

The briefing

Develop a 360 video of up to 2.5 minutes for German and Dutch policy makers in the hydrogen sector. Present hydrogen as one of the solutions to climate problems.

Position the Netherlands as the import hub of NW Europe and focus on the cooperation between the Netherlands and Germany and only mention successful projects.

The concept

Showing the potential of green hydrogen as a contribution to a green, energy-neutral future. The 360 video zooms in on the cooperation between the Netherlands and Germany and projects in Rotterdam, Duisburg and Groningen.

The video shows the world, Europe as well as the Netherlands, Germany and the local projects. This is due to the global impact of the projects and at the same time visualises the locations and underlying infrastructure.

The 360 video

The video uses 360-degree video, 3D animation as well as a voice-over, motion captions and call outs to get the message across.

The viewer starts by seeing a globe that zooms in to a map of the Netherlands and Germany, highlighting the three future projects in the cities listed below.


The possibilities for Rotterdam as a hydrogen hub for Europe. Here the hydrogen can be produced and used for transport and heavy industry.

In the 360 video you fly over the port of Rotterdam and get information about the industry and plans for green hydrogen extraction, storage and distribution through visualisations.


A cooperation between the Netherlands and Germany in the “Rh2ine” project. Through the use of hydrogen and the design of transport infrastructure, they are working towards a zero-emission future. In the video you sail over the water and the objectives of the project are shown by means of large visuals.

Hydrogen Valley

A fully integrated hydrogen chain from generation to storage to use. Here you will find the latest charging stations and the first buses running on hydrogen. In the video you can see the chain visualised and then take a look at two charging stations.

The event

The Dutch-German Hydrogen Symposium was intended to highlight cooperation in the field of hydrogen.

During the event, employees from government, industry and research institutes spoke about the initiatives in this field. The most important guests were of course the Dutch royal couple: King Willem Alexander and Princess Maxima.

The presentation

On location, 40 visitors were served with PICO G2 4K headset, allowing them to view the 360 video simultaneously.

At home or at another location, interested parties could watch the video via the special website, which could be viewed both via the browser and a specially designed Cardboard Owl.

We took care of the technical production as well as the hardware and support during this impressive event.

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