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We’ve worked on hundreds of projects for clients in every sector, utilizing every immersive technology. Discover what we can do for you. 

Rectangle 3784@2x  ARAR

Toblerone – In Store Product Game

For the famous Chocolate brand we designed an in-store AR experience. Using well known brand elements in an easy, kid-friendly game. Driving more customers to the store, having them spend more time and more money.

1920_2 (4)  VRCorporate storytelling

Coca Cola – Christmas Sled Ride

Hop in the Coca Cola sled for the ultimate Christmas experience. We combined virtual reality, a motion platform and special effects for a ride of lifetime. Taking 16 passengers on a journey through winter wonderland.

screen_1920x1080_2019-11-21_14-28-32  VRTraining

Safeway – VR Simulation for Offshore

Safeway transports people from ships to offshore sites like oil rigs. We designed a VR simulator to help their operators train anytime, anywhere. Resulting in a more efficient training procedure and tens of thousands euros less costs.

5G-AUTO  VRCorporate storytelling

Huawei – 5G Race

We toured throughout Europe with a specially designed truck to promote the upcoming 5G network. Using exciting but relevant experiences involving drones, race cars and flying through space.

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