Virtual Reality Onboarding

Quicker, more fun and anywhere to on-board your employees with virtual reality.

Virtual Reality for onboarding

Use virtual reality to on board staff faster, more efficiently and independent of location. Introduce your new employees to the company, its operations and colleagues in a fun and innovative way.

Higher testscores

Students who learn with the help of virtual reality remember information better and score higher.

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Improved learning experience

Virtual reality offers an enhanced learning experience compared to video and books.
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High engagement

Higher engagement and more positive emotions compared to video and in a classroom.

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At scale, VR is a cheaper solution for training than classroom and e-learning.

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The components of VR training


The degree of interactivity; looking, answering or acting


The visual representation such as people, environments and objects.


Managing and directing the training courses and users


The VR glasses, peripherals and logistics

1. Interactivity

A virtual reality training is passive or (semi) interactive. In the passive variant, the participant is shown content and absorbs information. In the interactive variant, the participant answers questions, makes choices or performs actions that influence the course.


Watching a 360-degree video of a tour of a company building. This is a linear experience without choices with only one outcome.

What do you use it for?

  • Company tours
  • Tasks, processes and policies
  • Getting to know colleagues 


For example, watching a 360 video on safety and answering questions. The answers can influence the course and the final result.

What do you use it for?


Training the control of machines or equipment. Physical action and choices are central, allowing for varying outcomes.

What do you use it for?

  • Physical tasks and processes
  • Controlling machines or equipment
  • Interactive safety training

2. Content 

The content in VR training consists of images of the environment in which the training will take place. For example, this could be a factory hall with employees and machines. These images are filmed with a special camera on location or created by computer.

360 degree video

This video is filmed with a special camera that provides a 360-degree perspective. This produces true-to-life images with a high level of detail. You can add text and icons and, using special software, also insert questions.

You can use 360 degree video for: 

Passive or semi-interactive onboarding such as tours, policy communication or safety information.


  • Realistic images with high detail
  • Lower costs than 3D animation
  • Simple, scalable process


  • Work on location with real people
  • Post-adaptation of content not possible
  • Not interactive

Bonduelle | Inspirational 360° video

We developed a 360° 3D animation based on a so-called ‘low-poly’ style in a colourful, rural environment.

VR Owl Syngenta

Syngenta | 360° Product Marketing Video

VR Owl made a 360° video for the unveiling of a new Syngenta product.


WB Firepacks | Fire Protection Demo

The user is taken through an experience explaining the benefits of the fire suppression system, and in particular the EFP module.

3D animation

These are images created with the computer. We use existing content for this or make it based on existing material. This content is suitable for 360 degree videos and interactive applications.

You can use 3D animation for: 

Passive, semi-interactive and more interactive training such as instruction, operating machines or interactive safety training.


  • Interactivity is possible
  • Easily develop new scenarios
  • Complex scenarios can be recreated


  • Less realistic display than video images
  • More labor intensive and more expensive than 360º video

3. Software

This is important for controlling and managing the VR training, this is done with special software. We offer various ready-made solutions or develop a tailor-made application.

Standard solutions 

We offer three standard solutions for managing VR training.

Look&Play allows users to start the training video by looking at an icon in VR. This software is especially suitable for individual users or small groups.

VR Sync manages 360-degree videos and plays them simultaneously. This allows a trainer to simultaneously start a 360 degree video for large groups of people.

Kiosk Mode starts an application immediately when you turn on the VR glasses. This way the employee can immediately start the training and doesn’t have to start other apps before starting the training.

Content management systems (CMS)

With a content management system you can easily manage the training via an online system.  You can view information, add new content or delete old content.

User Management

You can manage users and create groups via custom software. In this way you manage the content together with colleagues and you can assign training courses to specific departments or functions.

Data & Analytics

Our solutions can be provided with analytics so that you can easily view data. Think of viewing user results, best completed workouts, or most common mistakes. This is a useful function that allows fine-tuning of the training.

AVG & Privacy

Our own servers meet the strictest security and privacy requirements. If desired, our applications run within your own IT infrastructure to meet company-specific requirements.

Hardware & Hygiëne

Within our company, VR hardware specialists know exactly which hardware is suitable for your VR training. For example, we have cabins available that kill bacteria within 5 minutes.

Stand-alone VR glasses

Stand alone VR glasses work without a computer and are especially suitable for 360 video and less complex applications. With the so-called 3 DOF glasses you can look around but not walk around and therefore limited interaction is possible. With the 6 DOF glasses you can both look around,  walk,  and interaction in the virtual environment is possible by means of controllers.

PC VR glasses

These are glasses such as the HTC Vive, suitable for more complex training processes such as the control of machines. You connect this to your computer for extra computing power to display complex environments or to use real-time data.

Accessories & Hygiene Solutions

We supply various accessories for safe and hygienic use of the VR glasses and hardware. Our specially selected glasses are cleaned and we also offer various accessories such as UV installations that kill 99% of bacteria within 5 minutes. This way the glasses are ready for quick  use for your employees.

Our services


Hardware and software is delivered ready to use


Worldwide delivery and installation on site


Operational training and manuals


Scalable content and software that continues to function


Always up and running with a custom SLA.


Professional support for both software and hardware.

Development Process

1. First meeting

We get to know each other's companies and discuss the possibilities and wishes of the virtual reality training.

Output: Debrief

2. Generating ideas

We dive into the current learning processes, working methods and materials. Together we determine suitable learning objectives. Based on these goals, we develop virtual reality training.

Output: Ideas

3. Concept

Describing the virtual reality training in a visual presentation in which functions, style and examples come together into a concept.

Output: Concept & Quote

4. Creation

We deliver two versions, on which feedback can be given. As a result, we ensure that the production is perfectly attuned to the wishes and expectations.

Output: Alpha & Beta

5. Delivery

After approval of the two versions, we deliver the final version and we ensure a flying start with delivery, installation or instruction.

Output: Final delivery

6. Evaluation

We'd love to stay in touch to make sure you're happy and let us know if we see additional opportunities for your business.

Output: Meeting, call or visit

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