NUSTL | Virtual Reality Training

NUSTL, a federal laboratory organized within the U.S Department of Homeland Security, is seeking information to identify potential suppliers of virtual reality training systems to skill first responders and law enforcement officers on self-defense and active-response plans in case of an emergency. 

NUSTL is asking for a training system that is pre-packaged and validated from potential vendors. Moreover, companies with documented experience of creating a VR and AR solution for first responders would be preferred. Additionally, the training system should integrate with the first responder learning management system to track training and record progress. 

NUSTL’s SAVER program will not only assist first responders in acquiring, using and maintaining the equipment but also in providing unbiased, practitioner-relevant, operationally-oriented assessments and validations on the VR training system. 

Organization: NUSTL

Technology: Virtual reality

Branch: Fire