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The 22 best examples of how companies use virtual reality for training

Accurate, fast and at the lowest possible cost. In these examples of virtual reality training you’ll find out why VR is such a great tool for learning. Automotive BMW | Safety VR-Training BMW in Germany is a great example of …

VR in logistics EducationVR

3 examples of VR training in Logistics

DHL | VR Training Sorting Training the layout of packages in virtual reality. Image: DHL DHL, a postal and package delivery company, wanted to optimise the proper loading of packages. This because they want to avoid wasting money and space. …

VR in automotive sector EducationVR

5 Examples of virtual reality training in the automotive sector

The automotive industry is expected to produce four million more cars in 2021 compared to 2020. The increasing demand means that every second counts, making on-the-job training costly. That is why companies in the automotive industry are increasingly using virtual …

VR in healthcare EducationVR

4 examples of VR training in Healthcare

Healthcare training depends on many factors, such as space, crowding and practice materials. Teaching knowledge and keeping it up to date is a complex task because you have to train with fragile dolls or even people. Virtual reality offers a …

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