Motorcycle world champion Valentino Rossi forays into the Metaverse

Valentino Rossi, an Italian former professional motorcycle racer and nine-time world champion forays into web 3.0 by launching a new VR46 Metaverse in association with an Italian media company, The Hundred.

What is VR46 Metaverse?

VR46 Metaverse is an addition to Rossi’s ever-growing VR46 brand including VR46 Riders Academy, VR46 team and the merchandising company VR46 Racing Apparel.

According to the PRnewswire, the aim of the project is to create a virtual platform where fans of “the doctor” (the nickname given to Valentino for being the most decorated rider) can interact with other users and even compete with them.

Valentino Rossi explained: “The initiation of this huge project is an exciting task that I approached with an organized approach in partnership with top-class players.”

Valentino further added, “I am really excited to be able to reach fans all over the world and bring the atmosphere and excitement of VR46 to them through new technologies. I think this project is a very important step forward for the brand.”

A multi-year roadmap

Currently, the project has a multi-year roadmap, commencing in 2022 by launching its first content and guaranteeing continuous engaging experiences for fans in years to come.

Jean Claude Ghinozzi, as CEO of the joint venture, will lead the work. Commenting on the announcement, Jean says, “I am delighted to develop this project that will bring an international icon like Valentino Rossi, for the first time, to the Metaverse and I am sure he will revolutionize this world as it has already done with motorcycling.”

VR46 is a group of companies owned by Valentino Rossi, created to manage various projects in the field of Motorsport:

  • VR46 Racing Team, created to support emerging riders from Moto3 to MotoGP
  • VR46 Riders Academy, an innovative project to provide professional and sporting support to young Italian riders during their career
  • VR46 Racing Apparel, a sports merchandising project inspired by Valentino Rossi’s revolutionary vision.


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