Mixed Reality

What is the Mixed Reality (MR)?

Mixed reality is a combination of the real and digital world. Virtual objects are placed in the world with which you can interact. Think of furniture, cars or sneakers. Mixed reality is usually shown via a camera in a smartphone or on a holographic screen.

What are the opportunities for companies for MR?

The possibilities of mixed reality are numerous. We currently see most applications in the commercial field. Think of support for marketing campaigns, promotions, events but also for product sales.

In addition, MR is increasingly used for training and education. Think of the onboarding and training of technical staff through visual instructions.

Mixed Reality platforms and hardware

The most widely used mixed reality platform is simply the smartphone, which contains increasingly better hardware. We also create mixed reality applications for the Microsoft Hololens, among others. 

Our Mixed Reality solutions

We create various mixed reality applications for mobile, social and mixed reality devices such as the Hololens. Contact us if you are interested.

Herman Brood - 75 years

We developed this mixed reality app for the Royal Dutch Coin. The mixed reality application features artwork from the late artist Herman Brood.

Ranja - Web Mixed Reality

For Ranja we created a mixed reality application that can be experienced directly via the web. You play a game in mixed reality and share your high score via social media.

Fitbit & Opel - Social MR

For several brands we created mixed reality experiences that can be experienced directly through social media. For example, we created mixed reality face filters and product demonstrations.

Gemeente Rotterdam - Rotterdam Mixed Reality

For the City of Rotterdam we are creating a mixed reality application. This allows you to view the tallest building in the Benelux, the Zalhaventoren, in mixed reality.

Schiphol - In store MR

In collaboration with Schiphol retail we developed a mixed reality application for Toblerone. With this application you play a mixed reality game in the store and you are rewarded with a discount code.

Mixed reality being made?