The Metaverse

What is the Metaverse?

Metaverse is an all-encompassing name for an interactive, virtual world where users interact with each other. This can be either a ‘flat’ experience through, for example, your web browser, or a fully interactive experience in virtual reality.

What are the opportunities for companies?

The possibilities are numerous and lie mainly in virtual reality. Virtual environments where you can interact with your target group.

> Cheap and original events with people from all over the world

> Effective training at any time and any place

> Interactive sales environments where you can show all your products in 3D

> Original marketing campaigns for interactive brand experiences and promotions

Available platforms and custom solutions

Currently, there are several virtual environments available where companies can communicate using virtual reality headsets, among other things. Think of platforms such as AltspaceVR and Glue. A custom environment where all data and information remains under its own management is the most common option for companies.

Our metaverse solutions

We create applications and content for the Metaverse with a focus on virtual reality. Discover below applications for training, event, sales and marketing for the Metaverse.

Police Academy - Training in the Metaverse

A VR application in which officers can practice as a team how to enter a building safely. In addition, a reanimation training course is currently being developed, as well as a training course for the criminal investigation department.

WB Firepacks - Sales in the Metaverse

WB Firepacks develops, produces, maintains and repairs Firepacks, extinguishing systems for the industry. By creating a mobile VR experience in which the pump room can be visited virtually, the customer can still see the full operation of the system on site.

VR Owl - Events in the Metaverse

VR Owl helps with the entire process from advice to implementation of the event in the Metaverse using existing and custom solutions. We have helped with virtual inspiration sessions, team building events and product presentations.

Virtual Gateway - Marketing in the Metaverse

The virtual gateway is an online platform that presents Dutch innovations to the world. The gateway can be experienced in 2D via the web browser, has a full virtual reality variant and offers the opportunity to experience Dutch innovations in 360 degrees.

Huawei - Games in the Metaverse

For Huawei we made various VR applications in the Metaverse to promote the 5G network. In the Metaverse, you fly through space and race through the city of the future.

Getting started in the Metaverse?