Manchester City unveils its jersey for 2022/23 on Roblox

Manchester City has unveiled its third kit for the 2022/23 season in partnership with Puma on one of the popular metaverse platforms, Roblox. The fans of the club and roblox users can explore, interact and download the digital edition of the kit in Puma and the land of games experience

Merchandises and matches in the Roblox Metaverse

After Manchester City’s successful collaboration with Roblox a month ago to release Manchester City’s Blue Moon experience, the unveiling saw the Roblox lobby reskinned in City colors in order to vaguely resemble the Etihad Stadium. 

For the first two weeks of the launch, city-supporting fans also have a chance to compete and win layered clothing merchandise as a part of the Football Rush event created by Puma. 

The Football Rush event will be hosted on Youtube that will see two teams of five roblox players take a stance to win their share of $10000 prize money, which can be used on Roblox.

As part of the launch, a portal has opened between Puma and the land of games and Blue Moon, allowing visitors and fans to play mini-games and experience virtual club stores. 

Commenting on the launch, Serena Gosling, Director of Retail and Licensing, City Football Group said, “It is exciting that we’re able to work with PUMA to announce the launch of our first kit in the metaverse today.”

Serana further added, “As a club we’re continually exploring new ways to innovate, collaborate, and use the latest technology in order to challenge ourselves to ensure we engage with all areas of our fan base, particularly our younger audiences who are the next generation of fans.”

Inspiration behind the Man City jersey

After the much popular launch of red and black striped away jerseys, the third kit is what Puma calls “Fizzy Light and Parisian Night”.

According to the press release, the Manchester City third jersey features a hoop design drawing inspiration from the Manchester Worker Bee, a symbol of Mancunian character that found its way from the Manchester coat of arms to the city streets, walls, and galleries.

The spray paint effect on the jersey is a tribute to the creativity and artistry of the graffiti artists of Manchester.

The launch of the third kit in the digital world crosses with the launch in the real-world world, which is modelled by football players Laura Coombs, Kalvin Phillips and Rubin Dias. All other visitors will have the opportunity to purchase the new digital Manchester City third kit in the PUMA gear shop on Roblox.

Brands and sports players joining the Metaverse

Apart from Manchester City, Barcelona and other football clubs are also exploring Metaverse to provide a unique experience to their fans. In addition to that many sports influencers have also jumped to the metaverse bandwagon. 

For example, last month, Pro-skater, Tony Hawk, announced his plan to create a virtual skatepark in the Sandbox, allowing players to buy digital items and skate with others. Apart from that, an Italian former professional motorcycle racer, Valentino Rossi too announced its foray into the metaverse. 


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